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Seeds of Summer
Warm summer nights outdoor on the patio, dinner with friends, open air cocktail bars and festivals; the topic is perfectly usable as an outdoor topic where deco meets function but also in the kitchen, as inspiration for textiles and crafts and even in the living room. Seeds of summer combines structural materials like concrete, rod or pipe metal, mesh, unpainted wood and other pure meterials with colourful canvas, glass, plastic and paper. Products are never childish or naive, the theme has a very urban feel to it(urban camping) due to the materials and the functionality, but always with a healthy does of nature(in print or in function). Patterns are simplified, updated vintage and wordings and icons are still in vogue. Terra cotta is the new flavor for the garden, combined with succulents and other plants from the hot arid regions. Healthy lifestyle, leisure, socially responsible and multi-functionality are key words in this exciting new summer trend.

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